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From Vision to Reality: The Inception of Funded Capital

In May 2019, Luis Fajardo transformed his vision into reality by launching Funded Capital — a lending company with a fresh approach to real estate financing. Frustrated by the rigid practices of traditional lenders, he aimed to create a company that offered flexible funding options, quick turnaround times, and lower fees. Funded Capital became the embodiment of that vision. 

Through strategic alliances with major investors and creative concepts like crowdfunding, Fajardo meticulously cultivated an innovative and tech-driven private money platform. His journey led him from being a broker to becoming a direct lender — an inspiring testament to entrepreneurial resilience and adaptability.

Funded Capital: Innovative Real Estate Lending

Funded Capital, a private lending firm, offers a range of private money real estate loans for various investment opportunities. Whether you’re involved in fix-and-flip projects, rental properties, ground-up construction, or multifamily, Funded Capital has you covered. They provide loans without the usual restrictions seen in banks and other financial institutions, such as strict Debt-to-Income ratios and excessive financial documentation. In fact, they offer leverages of up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% financing for construction or remodeling costs, while still maintaining competitive rates.

Their client screening process differs from that of traditional financial institutions. Unlike most banks, they don’t delve deeply into income verification or debt-to-income ratios. Instead, they prioritize assessing asset and investment margins. Funded Capital utilizes state-of-the-art technology and sharp intellect to provide simple and effective funding solutions, all the while minimizing the out-of-pocket expenses on borrowers.

The company distinguishes itself through its adaptable and individualized approach. Amidst a competitive landscape of private lenders, they shine by prioritizing people-centric strategies and fostering innovative thinking. Despite the global economic challenges, Funded Capital has consistently achieved over 40% annual growth by broadening lending parameters and maintaining competitive interest rates.

Operating across 44 states, Funded Capital stands out as the preferred option for seamless financing. Under the visionary leadership of Luis Fajardo, the organization is on a trajectory to evolve into a billion-dollar fund, with a commitment to continuously reducing interest rates and expanding its influence.

Meet Our Founder

Luis Fajardo's Story

Luis Fajardo is a true embodiment of the American Dream. Arriving in the US as a young child, he carried a great ambition alongside his family. As an immigrant from a third-world country, Fajardo faced unique challenges, but he didn’t let adversity deter him. Instead, he harnessed it as fuel for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Luis embarked on his journey with humble beginnings, assisting his family along the way. In his early teens, he gravitated toward sales, swiftly gaining acclaim for his abilities. His innate inclination toward forming connections and guiding others became evident. Over time, he garnered widespread recognition in both the automotive and real estate sectors. However, his ultimate objective remained crystal clear: to achieve success as a savvy entrepreneur.

Luis Fajardo went on to immerse himself in the intricacies of real estate lending. While initially employed by a brokerage firm, he keenly observed obstacles like burdensome fees imposed on clients seeking financial support through brokers. Recognizing a distinctive opportunity, Luis established Funded Capital — a company that directly links real estate investors with a substantial private money platform, bypassing unnecessary intermediaries and additional fees.

Luis Fajardo’s narrative serves as a testament to resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination — a living embodiment of the American Dream — forged with relentless effort and foresight.

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